Children's Dentistry of Abilene committed to the oral health of children from first tooth eruption through their teenage years. We believe that caring for the next generation is exemplified through simple approaches to guide their behaviors for healthy maintenance and to lead their dental growth and development to avoid future dental issues. With our state-of-the-art office and comforting environment, we believe that you and your children will feel safe and welcomed to collaborate together a plan for their current and future dental health. 

Early Childhood Care

We believe that the future of your child's dental health begins from their first tooth eruption. One of the services we offer is education on how to best maintain your child's new teeth from dietary considerations and hygiene techniques specific to your child's needs!  

General Treatment and Scheduled Care

The best way to prevent future dental issues is to provide the best preventative care for your child's smile. That's why we recommend check-ups and oral exams twice a year and we have an array of services ranging from hygiene and scheduled cleanings to preventative fluoride treatments and much more! We will also walk through a care program specifically designed to best help your child keep their teeth clean through brushing and flossing techniques. We will also go over which foods to stay away from and what foods are good for their growing smiles! 

Advanced Services and Sedation Dentistry

Your child's dental health is of the utmost importance to us. That's why at Children's Dentistry of Abilene we offer a full range of common dental services including: same-color crowns (which are the same color as your child's teeth), fillingstooth extractions, and emergency dental services. These services can be completed with nitrous oxide (or laughing gas) but occasionally a child's anxiety toward a procedure will call for additional sedation. Dr. Norm Poorman is certified in IntraOral Sedation and adheres to a high standard of care during his sedation monitoring and emergency equipment. It is our goal to complete any necessary dental work with the least invasive options possible while maintaining a high standard of safety for your child. Dr. Poorman will discuss and collaborate with you on a treatment plan based on your child's specific needs. 

Sports Dentistry

The best offense is a good defense ... or so the saying goes! At Children's Dentistry of Abilene we offer custom-mold fitted mouth guards to give your child's smile the best protection while playing any sort of high action sports activity!