At Odontología Infantil de Abilene, we specialize in caring for young children, primarily by introducing them to the world of dental health in a conscious, informed, and as happy a manner as possible. It’s not easy; sometimes, young patients’ conditions, treatments, or solutions can be somewhat painful or require more invasive interventions than a simple cleaning.

While as adults we understand that a bit of pain at the dentist can save us years of suffering, getting the little ones to understand this is the biggest challenge. The risk is significant; too much pain or a bad impression as a child can develop into a fear or resentment towards the dentist: a big problem for the rest of their life.

That’s why we have an ace up our sleeve: sedation. Continue reading our article to understand the benefits and precautions associated with this tool.

Overcoming Pain and Tension

The goal of sedation is to ensure that a specific treatment can be performed on the child without them suffering. We avoid them experiencing pain during the treatment, but we also ensure the patient can feel calm before the intervention.

Nitrous oxide induces drowsiness; the child won’t be asleep or completely paralyzed; rather, they will be conscious but calm, without experiencing pain. This way, the dentist can work peacefully, and the parents can be relaxed knowing their child is not suffering or in agony.

In Professional Hands

Our goal is always to ensure that your child’s first experiences with their dentist are pleasant and happy. Our expert hands know how to guide and inform new patients in making the right decisions for optimal dental health.

Contact us to enroll your child in the services of Odontología Infantil de Abilene; our professionals are waiting to attend to and solve any obstacles that may arise on the path to a happy and healthy smile.

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