How often do desperate parents arrive at our offices because their children hate brushing their teeth? The problem is common: how do I help my child develop healthy dental habits?

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer and each case has its own peculiarities, there are tools to consider. Let’s review them, and remember that even with the best dental habits, regular check-ups with a professional dentist are mandatory.

Understanding the Importance of Dental Health 

Information and knowledge play a crucial role in decision-making. We cannot expect a child to desire to brush their teeth or remember to do so after meals on their own.

At a young age, accompanying them and making dental care moments a ritual shared between parents and children is also super important. This way, even if they don’t understand the importance of brushing their teeth and its benefits, they will want to do it: either to spend time with their parents or to get permission to do the activity they desire.

Improving Diet: A Great Practice for Dental and General Health 

Another major aspect that is increasingly challenging for children today is maintaining a healthy diet.

A big mistake is believing that children cannot understand what is told to them. With information and taking the time to explain why, we can explain why they should eat vegetables and fruits, and avoid sweets. It doesn’t mean prohibiting sweets. It’s simply about finding balance, allowing the child to experience and learn to recognize what benefits them.

Like cleaning habits, diet can be transmitted through example.

Building a Healthy Bond with Dentistry 

It is extremely important that children’s first experiences visiting a dental professional are enjoyable. At Abilene Pediatric Dentistry, our experts understand how to make a child feel comfortable. Knowing that it is important for their health and that visiting the dentist does not equate to pain.

Schedule a consultation with us now: your children’s dental future will thank you!

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