Fear of the dentist, also known as odontophobia, is very common. Suffering from this fear can lead people to avoid or postpone their dental visits. In this blog, we will learn more about this fear and see how we can help those suffering from it.

Different Levels of Odontophobia

At an initial level, dental fear can be seen in a patient who experiences anxiety. They worry a lot about not knowing what will happen and being unfamiliar with the treatments. 

A bad experience during the first visits can mark us forever, which is why it is essential to ensure positive first dental experiences for children

In the worst cases of dental phobia, the mere idea of contacting a dental clinic to schedule an appointment is extremely difficult. Avoiding regular or specific dental visits is the number one way to end up needing major or more aggressive interventions.

Strategies for Patients with Odontophobia

  1. If your child fears the dentist, try talking to them to understand what scares them. Sometimes, it may be rumors they have heard that have left them worried. 
  2. Explain the importance of a healthy mouth and how a visit to the dentist can prevent more serious problems in the future. As part of the information you provide to your child, you can take them to visit the dental center before their appointment. This way, they will become familiar with the environment, its smells, and sounds without associating the clinic with pain or fear. 
  3. Inform the dental professional about the patient’s fear, and you will be able to observe how the dentist works, how they communicate with a child, inform them, and reassure them: you would be surprised how quickly our team can bring a smile to a frightened child! 
  4. If your child’s phobia cannot be controlled with relaxation and breathing techniques, then it may be advisable to consult a psychologist or therapist who has other tools to resolve these situations. 

Remember that our Children’s Dentistry of Abilene team specializes in children and young people. We have the tools, strategies, and environment to ensure that every child leaves our office happy and with a healthy smile.

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