We focus on prevention and education!

Routine exams, dental cleanings, preventative sealants and fluoride treatments.


We are skilled at and accustomed to working with children who have special needs. We set apart special appointment times for children with special needs to make their experience a positive one. Your child’s success is our success.


The best defense is a good offense!


To prevent grinding and damaging permanent teeth.


Treatment for permanent teeth including porcelain crowns and veneers.


When an accident happens, you don’t want to waste time waiting to get your child’s smile restored. We make trauma patients our first priority.


Nitrous Oxide

(Laughing Gas) To help relax patients during routine dental restorations.

Oral Sedation

For anxious patients who need a little extra assistance cooperating with dental work.

Day Surgery/ Full Sedation Dentistry

For the safety of young children and other patients who are unable to cooperate for dental treatment either because of special needs or emotional and behavioral needs.