As parents, we always want the best for our little ones. In our case, as dental professionals, we want the best for our young patients. Today’s blog will recommend excellent foods for strengthening dental health and children’s overall growth.

Foods to Include in Children’s Diets

In general, it’s good to encourage children to understand and comprehend what they are eating. The ultimate goal is for them to understand what’s good for them, but we don’t want our child to be one who “doesn’t like fruits or vegetables.” There are exceptions like allergies or intolerances, which should be managed with the help of a nutritionist or specialist.

Beyond these exceptions, it’s usually a bad habit or a widespread belief that vegetables are unpleasant or tasteless. There are so many different vegetables and fruits that there is something for everyone.

It’s also important to try to incorporate low-fat or fat-free dairy products. This could include milk, yogurt, or cheese. Additionally, various proteins should be included, from lean meats to legumes, seeds, or nuts.

It’s crucial that children’s plates—and why not adults’ too, as an excellent way to teach is by example—have various colors repeated several times a day.

Try to Avoid These “Foods”

On the other hand, kids need to enjoy themselves. Denying a child the chance to try chocolates or sweets is complex. A slightly easier challenge is teaching them to control their intake of harmful foods if we can get them to understand that these foods are unsuitable for their dental health.

In today’s world, sugar concentration in “foods” is alarming. Just like sweets, sodas or sugary drinks are incredibly harmful to health. These beverages contain incredible amounts of sugar due to chemical processes. Teaching our children, for example, to prefer a natural fruit smoothie over a soda is a good step. The idea is not to forbid sodas and sweets but to encourage incorporating fruits and vegetables as replacements.

In addition to diet, teaching them a regular tooth-brushing routine is crucial. Building a good relationship with their dentist so they look forward to seeing their favorite doctor might sound strange to a parent, but we’ve achieved it.

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